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Healing Group


The Cathedral’s monthly mid-week Eucharist with a focus on prayer for Wholeness and Healing takes place in St Thomas’s Chapel and is attended by about twenty people. It provides a quiet opportunity to pray for those who are sick: members of the congregation,

maybe our family members and friends or perhaps for ourselves. Following the intercessions there is opportunity, for any who wish, to receive the laying on of hands, either for themselves, or on behalf of a sick friend or relative. Following the tradition of the early church, a brief prayer is made that God will bring his ‘wholeness and healing’ into the person’s life and situation. Some find it helpful to be anointed with oil at this time. Others chose to remain quietly praying in their seats. The service can be a source of great strength

and comfort, especially for those facing long-term challenges. After the service there is the opportunity, for those who have the time, to relax over a simple lunch in Cathedral House. Why not come along one month?