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In this section you can find out about how we have been measuring and tackling our carbon footprint, and about our initiatives to help raise awareness about the escalating threat posed by global warming and climate change. You can also find information on the wider Church of England initiative Shrinking the Footprint , as well as the Fit for the Future Network and the Eco Church movement, of which we are members.


Our complementary goals of responsible stewardship of natural resources (e.g. reducing fossil fuel use) and establishing the Cathedral as a recognised place for engagement with environmental issues can be found in the Cathedral Development Plan 2014-19.

In our 2018 Report & Accounts we have published for the first time the energy carbon footprint for the Cathedral and Cathedral House. We hope that by doing this we will encourage other cathedrals and churches to follow suit.

Responsible stewardship also includes monetary resources. Thus each project we have undertaken, such as LED lighting and solar PV, has been appraised not just on its carbon reduction potential but also on its investment merits. Over the last four years, this has demonstrated that carbon reduction can also be a good form of investment for churches and cathedrals.

Wherever possible we have also tried to work with locally based partners – reducing travel transport emissions. For example, we used a Portsmouth based solar PV installer (with two apprentices obtaining experience on the project), our LED panel partner is based in nearby Havant and our low carbon consultant is also based in Portsmouth.