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Society of Ringers

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The Cathedral has an active Ringing Society consisting of people from all walks of life who regularly attend the Cathedral to ring the bells for Sunday service, weddings, blessings and for many other social occasions and national events.

Bells have been part of Cathedral life since 1703 when a gift from Admiral Sir George Rooke, then Member of Parliament for Portsmouth, enabled the first ring of eight bells to be hung in the tower.   Over the years additional bells have been added to provide the fine ring of 12 bells that are in place today.

We are always very pleased to welcome visitors to the tower, whether active ringers or those just interested in seeing what bell-ringing is all about.

Sunday service ringing is from 09:45 until 10:30 and practices are held each Thursday from 19:30 when we meet outside the north door of the Cathedral.

For further information about the bells, if you wish to learn or you have a specific request for the bells to be rung for a special occasion, please contact the Tower Captain, Ben Carey email at ( or call 07772 411646, who will be pleased to assist you.