Portsmouth Pride Weekend 2018

12th September 2018

This weekend Portsmouth Cathedral will be flying a rainbow flag. Saturday 15th is the main event of Portsmouth Pride and we will also, with many other Christians from the city and beyond, be taking part in the Pride parade and hosting a stall at the Pride even on the bandstand field.

For some years now we have identified ourselves as an inclusive place of worship where everyone is welcome. We are not perfect, but we are striving to ensure that we reflect the love of God for all people and make the Cathedral a safe place for all and in particular the LGBT+ community.


So we are flying the rainbow flag to ensure that the people of the city of Portsmouth know that their Cathedral is a safe and welcoming place to be. We are flying the rainbow flag to say to anyone who is a member of the LGBT+ community that they are welcome to come and explore life and faith with us, to be a FULL part of our community, to celebrate all the joys of life and to support one another in the tough parts. We are flying the rainbow flag to say that we are proud of our faith, we are proud to be inclusive and we are proud of our city.

Pride is a way for everyone, regardless of their sexuality, to celebrate who they are. God wants nothing more from us than to be the people that we were created to be. So on Saturday let’s celebrate that, let’s encourage one another to be the very best version of ourselves and let’s feel good about who we are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, whether we label ourselves or not. The bible says we are ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’ – and we are – we are each amazing – and that is a reason to celebrate!

To all those attending Portsmouth Pride – have a wonderful time, wave at us in the parade, come and see us at the Christians at Pride stall and be assured of our love and our prayers.

The Reverend Canon Peter Leonard

Acting Dean and Canon Chancellor

Portsmouth Cathedral