Hampshire Festival of the Mind Keynote event – It’s About Time!

Portsmouth Cathedral, Monday 14 May 10.30am – 3.30pm


The theme of the third Hampshire Festival of the Mind is connected to Portsmouth Cathedral’s theme of the year which is ‘Time’.

‘Time’ connects with mental health in many ways. We all need to take care of our mental health just as we do our physical health, although most people don’t realise what they already do. If you regularly take time out for yourself, quiet time, time with friends, time for activities that absorb you and give a sense of achievement and satisfaction, then you’re looking after your mental health.

When we start to get depressed, stressed, anxious or exhausted, one of the first things to go is time for ourselves because …. well we just don’t have time!

One in four people experience mental ill health every year, sometimes with devastating consequences for work, relationships and family life. When this happens, time is needed for recovery, yet this is rarely acknowledged. With a physical illness or injury, we know it takes time to recover and usually you have to work at it through exercise and diet for example to rebuild your strength. We know that support and understanding from family and friends helps too. There are also ways to rebuild your mental and emotional resilience over time – if only we all knew what they were!

Which leads to our third themed link to ‘Time’ – ‘It’s About Time!’ meaning it’s time for change. It’s time to recognise that looking after our mental health has little to do with medication, and a lot to do with paying attention to the way we live, and even our everyday habits.

The Hampshire Festival of the Mind celebrates work going on in local communities which offer social contact, creative activities, shared space with understanding and acceptance, personal development and learning – all about working towards good mental health, whatever your starting point.

Make time to visit the keynote event at Portsmouth Cathedral next Monday. Visit the stalls marketplace, browse exhibitions, try out interactive activities, learn from our programme of workshops and take a break with the Lily&Lime pop-up café.


Carolyn Barber

The Good Mental Health Cooperative


023 9310 6042



Portsmouth Cathedral