Tough Mudder 2018 - Team from Portsmouth Cathedral takes on the challenge for charity

Dr David Price, Canon Peter Leonard, two of the Choral Scholars and some former members of the Cathedral Choir will be running the Tough Mudder on 19th May to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.   Here, Canon Peter Leonard explains why he decided to take on the challenge:

A number of choral scholars past, present and future together with David Price and myself are currently training for Tough Mudder. The Tough Mudder website describes it as a “10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. With no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line. Rather, it’s a challenge that emphasizes teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishing something almost as tough as you are.

Whilst I run and exercise quite a bit this is very much out of my comfort zone. I was invited by David and members of the Choir to join them last year but had a wedding to officiate at. Alas this year no such excuse and so here I am mid-training and somewhat daunted by what lies ahead!

So why do it? Three reasons: firstly because it is for an excellent cause – we are raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. With deaths from this particular form of cancer set to soar in the UK it is more important than ever that we fund research into this condition. Secondly, because it is always good to stretch yourself and take yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time – if you don’t then you will never know what you are actually capable of achieving. Thirdly, because this is a team challenge and is about working with a group of friends to help each other achieve.

I don’t want to stretch an analogy too far but as we read The Acts of the Apostles during Easter in our services I am reminded that they too were called out of their comfort zones to work as a team for an amazing cause.

Please pray for us, and if possible please sponsor us:

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Thanks so much.

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