Stations of Light and Sound

Over hundreds of years people have used the Stations of the Cross as a devotional tool to help them engage with the journey Jesus took from arrest to crucifixion. They tell the story of the way in which Jesus Christ lived his final hours before sacrificing himself for us.

This Holy Week at Portsmouth Cathedral we are reimagining these stations with an installation by Tom Heath, graphic design student at Falmouth University and former Choral Scholar at Portsmouth Cathedral.

The installation will take place following a short service of Compline at 8pm on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th March only.

Tom says “I am looking forward to exploring the theme of time with the use of light and sound within the acoustically rich space of the Cathedral.”

‘Stations of Light and Sound’ is a visual representation of the Stations of the Cross. The narrative will be told in this installation through seven soloists and seven lights interacting with each other alongside the choir and organ to produce an overall ethereal atmosphere. The lighting constitutes the sole source of illumination – ‘The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.’ Psalm 19 verse 8.

It will be an immersive experience which allows the congregation to see a modern perspective to the routine and daily structure of a cathedral service. God is seen as a light in the darkness, representing hope and deliverance.

The music for the installation has been composed by Dr. David Price, Organist and Master of the Choristers here at Portsmouth Cathedral. The positioning of the soloists conveys the story and builds an atmosphere that will resonate around the Cathedral in order to create and allow many musical elements to overlap harmoniously. The individual voices sing and are silent in turns, alone, in choirs, calling and answering, or all together.

The work is continually changing and presenting new ideas. With this installation Tom hopes to narrate the Stations of the Cross by immersing the congregation in an atmosphere that is not typical within the daily service of prayer and reflection.

Do come and enjoy the innovative and moving experience.


More about Tom Heath:

Tom is currently in his second year at Falmouth University studying Graphic Design. His personal interests and his background in both music and design led to an early interest in the relationship between light and sound, particularly exploring subjective narratives in art. He enjoys exploring a variety of themes within his work using different media. This is the first installation he has curated and is keen to explore more opportunities to expand and communicate his art to a variety of audiences. Tom has been a chorister since the age of 7, therefore music is a huge influence in his daily life and to be able to combine both art with music, he hopes to create an atmospheric audio-visual experience.