Portsmouth Cathedral Secures Arts Council England Grant for Annual Theme: TIME

Portsmouth Cathedral is delighted to announce the successful application for funding to Arts Council England to further develop creative engagement.


The grant will fund the work of two artists as well as a book of the annual theme project and staff training around arts engagement. 

The first artist will be Chris Jenkins from the Isle of Wight. Chris previously worked with the Cathedral on the willow dome which can be found on the Cathedral green. He will be creating a large sculpture within the Cathedral building which reflects aspects of the passage of time. 

The second artist, who is yet to be appointed, will be taking a residency in the Hermitage. This unique room within the North Tower of the Cathedral is designed to offer a space of isolated tranquillity in the midst of a busy city.

The artist will be invited to spend several days a week in the Hermitage over the course of a three month period, creating site-specific work as well as updating an online journal sharing their thoughts and experiences.

These creative projects have been designed to complement the Cathedral's annual theme for 2018, which is Time. Canon Chancellor Peter Leonard said "We're so pleased to have been awarded these funds from the Arts Council. The grant is not only a reflection of our existing work with the arts, but also our commitment to strengthen and expand the Cathedral's work into new and exciting areas.

For more information on the annual theme programme please visit:

For more information about Arts Council England, please visit: www.artscouncil.org.uk

Portsmouth Cathedral