Cathedral Curate - one month in.....

Over the last month I have been asked a number of questions from friends and family and now also from my new Church family here at Portsmouth Cathedral. Those questions tend to fit the same theme;

‘What does a Cathedral Curate do?’

‘What are the sorts of things a Cathedral Curate gets up to during the week?’

Brilliant questions! Questions that have encouraged my day-to-day reflections and now after a month of being called a ‘Cathedral Curate’, I can confirm, without a doubt, wholeheartedly, in boldness and confidence… that I still don’t know the answer to those questions.

It’s not quite the full truth of course, however it does leave some with a puzzled face that is quite amusing. So what does a Cathedral Curate really do? The answer it seems, is anything and everything!

My first day saw me being ‘installed’ into the Cathedral (which wasn’t as painful as it sounds) and led over to the seat, from which I now worship every Evensong. The very next day saw me in the same space, but this time helping Year 6 pupils from the local schools explore the Cathedral through various workshops and activities. I’ve ‘hoola-hooped’ at our Family Activity Day whilst making ‘junk robots’, as we’ve encouraged families to think about recycling during our ‘All things Bright & Beautiful’ theme this year. I’ve put my first degree to use whilst doing the sound for a wedding, and I’ve been a verger for a day!

It’s been interesting and very mixed to say the least. The word ‘interesting’ of course covers a multitude of meanings but it’s also been a thoroughly profound and powerful experience. As a musician myself, I have greatly appreciated the level at which our Choir lead us in worship throughout the week. I feel deeply privileged and fortunate that I get to worship in this way, to have the choir sing so beautifully, the words of the Psalms and Canticles being sung are like food for my soul.

I’ve met with people and heard their stories, I’ve heard of their passions and what excites them. It’s been incredibly moving to hear of God’s work in these various people’s lives. To see God’s Spirit actively at work in the congregation is really encouraging. Not just that, but I’ve been so encouraged and inspired by the faith that so many of the congregation, the team of volunteers, the choir and music team, and the clergy team, have shown in their devotion to see the Cathedral become the hub and home of worship and praise to God in the Portsmouth Diocese.

The last month has been amazing, and has made me even more excited about what God is doing in building his Kingdom here in Portsmouth. Bring on the next 4 years!

The Reverend Matt Bray

Cathedral Curate