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‘Living Well’

Annual Theme 2019

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This year at Portsmouth Cathedral, we are exploring ‘Living Well’….

We are exploring well being and mental health. The life we want to live and the choices that we make are shaped by our physical, spiritual and mental health.

 Join us throughout the year for opportunities to reflect, learn and engage on how to make the most of each day, together.

 For further details and booking information see fliers in the Cathedral, our website and social media.



Annual Theme 2018

The Cathedral Annual Theme for 2018: 

Time:   explorations in Time and Faith.

How can the exploration of Time, deepen our understanding of ourselves, our spirituality and our engagement with the world around us?   

Over 2018, we explored these questions through a programme of events. 

The culmination of this is the extraordinary display of drawings, created by local Portsmouth based artist Pete Codling.

A video of the ‘Octo’  conversations in the Dome as part of the Art Residency and Soup of Souls are on the following link -

The display of drawings is on display until the summer of 2019. You can find out more here, but you should visit to see the display yourself:

Photos here by Portsmouth Cathedral


Also, this past year, a sculpture and exhibition from our exploration of the theme of 'Time', was the work of artist and sculptor Chris Jenkins.  You can read more about the installation here.

Photos here by Julian Winslow